“Today’s world is a global village, and we are all linked both locally and internationally. If we are completely informed and attentive, we can solve our problems and concerns more quickly and effectively. We at “Gorham” are well-versed in both local and global markets, and we recognize how cutting-edge production and security technology can benefit the agricultural community. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, our dream of a green Pakistan will come true because we are committed to achieving our goal.”Muhammad Ayub Khosa Gohram’s Founder/CEO

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Gohram online platform offers services to cooperate with clients, SME’s and household consumers alike, that allow them to fulfill their day-to-day needs at the click of a button. In today’s dynamic environment people need simple and convenient solutions and our aim is to make sure they have them. Gohram promises to meet all customers’ needs by providing them a complete range of quality products through our efficient, convenient, customizable, and timely delivery systems.

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We seek to achieve sustainable agriculture while ensuring global fresh produce exchange in compliance with international standards and procedures in a cost-effective manner. Our greatest inspiration is to pursue today’s most common consumer trend: fresher, cleaner, nutrient- and chemical-free foods.